Con Bon Scott alla voce:

It’s a a long way to the top | Rock and roll singer | The Jack
Live Wire | TNT | Can I sit next to you girl | Little Lover
She’s got balls | High voltage

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap | Love at first feel |  Big balls
Rocker | Problem Child | There’s gonna be some rockin’
Ain’t no fun (waiting round…) | Ride on | Squealer

Go down | Dog eat dog | Let there be rock | Bad boy boogie
Problem child | Overdose | Hell ain’t a bad place to be
Whole lotta Rosie

Rock ‘n’ roll damnation | Down payment blues | Gimme a bullet
Sin city | Riff raff | What’s next to the moon | Gone shootin’
Up to my neck in you | Kicked in the teeth

Highway to hell | Girls got rhytmh | Walk all over you | Touch too much
Beating around the bush | Shot down in flames | Get it hot
If you want blood | Love hungry man | Night prowler

Jailbreak | You ain’t got an hold on me | Show business | Baby please don’t go

Back seat confidential | Carry me home | Cold hearted man
Get it hot | Love song | R.I.P (Rock in peace) | School days
Stick Around | Crabsody in blue

Con Brian Johnson alla voce:

Hell’s Bells | Shoot to thrill | What do you do for money honey | Given a dog a bone
Let me put the love into you | Back in Black | You shook me all night long
Have a drink on me | Shake a leg | Rock n Roll ain’ t noise pollution

For those about to rock | Put the finger on you | Let’s get it up
Inject the venom | Snowballed | Evil walks | C.O.D | Breaking the rules
Night of the long knives | Spellbound

Rising power | This house is on fire | Flick of the switch
Nervous shakedown | Landslide | Guns for hire | Deep in the hole
Bedlam in belgium | Badlands | Brain shake

Fly on the wall | Shake your foundations | First blood | Danger
Sink the pink | Playing with girls | Stand up | Hell or high water
Back in business | Send for the man

Who made who

Heatseeker | That’s the way I wanna rock and roll | Meanstreak
Go Zone | Kissin’ dynamite | Nick of time | Some sin for nuthin’
Ruff stuff | Two’s up | This means war

Thunderstruck | Fire your guns | Moneytalks | The razor’s edge
Mistress for Christmas | Are you ready | Got you by the balls | Let’s make it
Rock your heart out | Shot of love | Goodbye & Good Riddance to bad luck
If you dare

Hard as a rock | Cover you in oil | Boogie man | The furor
The honey roll | Burnin’ Alive | Hail Caesar | Love bomb
Caught with your pants down | Wiskey on the rocks | Ballbreaker

Stiff upper lip | Meltdown | House of Jazz | Hold me back
Safe in New York City | Can’t stand still | Can’t stop rock and roll
Satellite blues | Damned | Come and get it | All screwed up | Give it up

Rock ‘n’ Roll Train | Skies On Fire | Big Jack | Anything Goes | War Machine
Smash N Grab | Spoilin For A Fight | Wheels | Decibel | Stormy May Day
She Likes Rock N Roll | Money Made | Rock N Roll Dream
Rocking All The Way | Black Ice

Borrowed time | Down on the borderline | Snake eyes
Alright tonight | Cyberspace | Big gun